Referees Information

Referee Punctuality

It is very important that as a referee, you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game you are scheduled to officiate.  It is very important that games are started on time, but even more important that the game finishes on time in order to minimize the impact on all floor users.

Player / Referee Suspensions

Please remember that if you are a player and referee, you must contact your respective referee allocator immediately if you are suspended as a player.  You cannot referee while serving a suspension.  Contact your allocator and advise them of the terms of your suspension so that they can rearrange the schedules accordingly.  Thank you.

Referee Allocator - Natasha Cloete

Simple Rules while Refereeing

Please remember, that while reffing you should be wearing your "BCLA" approved referee jersey and black pants without any markings, (Adidas, Nike, etc...).  Jeans are not permitted even if you are only doing the 30 sec clock.  You are also not to eat during a game, wear a hat, or listen to your iPod with ear buds.  You are expected to concentrate on the game.

Thank you.

Box Lacrosse Score sheets

Please ensure that you fill out the game sheets by using a ball point pen and press hard because you have to get it through 4 copies. Please do not use a "sharpie". It does not work for the other copies. 

Click this link for additional information on score sheet completion.



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